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Making Healthy Living More Affordable

By Getting Your Child´s Product for FREE

We all understand the importance of instilling good eating habits in our children and teenagers, but the cost of healthy food and our busy schedules can make it challenging.

We recognized these challenges and launched the Healthy Starts for Families program over 20 years ago. Through this program, parents, grandparents, godparents, or other relatives can sign up and receive our Fruit & Vegetable capsules or chewables for FREE for your child when an adult purchase our fruit & vegetable products for themselves.

For each adult purchasing our fruit & vegetable blend –

One child can receive the product for free.

This program is designed to help families prioritize health and make it easier to establish healthy habits in children and teenagers.

While our Fruit & Vegetable capsules or chewables are a vital component of the Healthy Starts for Families Program, this initiative is about much more than just this product.

By taking One Simple Change and incorporating the Fruit & Vegetable Blend into their daily routine, families can begin developing other healthy habits as well. The Healthy Starts for Families program encourages families to focus on overall better nutrition, as well as fitness, sleep, and hydration, all crucial elements of a healthier lifestyle.

Throughout the years, we have assisted over 1.8 million families in building healthier habits by promoting a focus on all four vital components of good health.

Based on the responses of over 250,000 participants, here’s what they’ve shared with us regarding their children:

  • 71% consuming less fast food and soft drinks
  • 61% were eating more fruits and vegetables
  • 71% were drinking more water
  • 66% were visiting the doctor less
  • 60% were missing fewer days in school
  • 56% were taking fewer over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs

Want to know how you and your child/children can be part of the Healthy Starts for Families? – click here.

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Nassib Katende

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