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Visualize the Life You Want and Be Grateful Everyday.

A Passion For Health & Wealth​

Born and raised in East Africa, Uganda, has a Diploma in IT. He worked as a sales representative in Telecommunications (Telecom) Companies after he finished school. During this time he attended many gatherings with Pastor Robert Kayanja of MCC were he got the inspiration to start his own organization. This was all about helping the young people to get an optimistic mindset.

Take Control of Your Mindset

Personal Life​

Nassib decided to go to the United Arab Emirates where he first started with a low paid job, then opened up a small grocery shop where he had 4 employees. He managed to make ends meet, but felt like his life was getting stagnant. So he decided to move on and pursue higher education in Europe. He found himself writing about what life had taught him since his childhood, from poverty and inequality to discovering the beauty of self-sufficiency. What began as a way for him to cope with the changes in his life eventually became an opportunity for him to share lessons that are helpful for others too.

“The Wealth Mindset”

Nassib Katende
Fueling your body with nutritious foods

Happiness and Nutrition

Nassib\’s love of nutritional supplements began as a hobby, but quickly turned into something more. He was passionate about the positive impact that these supplements could have on people\’s health and wellbeing, and he wanted to share his enthusiasm with others. To turn his passion into a sideline, Nassib invested time and effort into studying the science behind nutritional supplements, and building relationships with the supplier and customers. Today, Nassib\’s expertise in this field has earned him a respected reputation.

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